The Newbie Family Home
Number 7 Sim Lane: First Floor Interior
Number 7 Sim Lane: Second Floor Interior
Number 7 Sim Lane: Exterior
Value: 16767
Square Feet: 1242
Number of Floors: 1
Number of Bathrooms: 1
Number of Bedrooms: 1


Size: 75
Furnishings: 54
Yard: 50
Upkeep: 73
Layout: 40
Welcome to daowesims, where we explore taoism and zen, on the lives of the Newbie family. Bob is an artist and his wife is a police officer (got the very first job on the very first newspaper delivered), although they have no ambition or no goal in life that is fine the take life easy. They are antiwork and loves the outdoors, the freedom, the offgrid, the nature and more. Their life is ok, contented and happy.
1-1-2023: Happy new year! got $1200 from a reward but a burglar came in and took our lazyboy and the painting frame oh no
12-25-2022: Happy Holidays! ordering a pizza was an adventure!
12-18-2022: Betty has a new job in the politics, as a campaign worker! bob is not in the mood of finishing his picasso like drawing, well take it easy guys
12-15-2022: Betty has been fired as a police officer, oh well i guessed she had slept and didnt notice her work haha back to job hunting on the newspaper i guess ;)